Handmade limited edition bags and accessories


We create beautiful bags and accessories the traditional way, by hand, in a home environment and without the use of chemicals. Every bag is lovingly hand-crafted by our family production teams in rural Rajasthan India, using methods employed for hundreds of years and passed down from one generation to the next.

Why choose Gurutaa

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Each product is a truly handcrafted piece, using traditional tools and generations of experience we produce beautiful alternatives to high street mass-produced goods, at affordable prices.

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From the initial cleaning and drying of the hides, to their staining and styling, we can assure you, No chemicals are used at any time.

Our production teams work from home, not sweatshops

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We pride ourselves on supporting our teams by paying the right price for such quality craftsmanship, ensuring no underage workers make our products and continuing the tradition of homeworking that provides the environment for our people to excel in their craft.

What about the designs?


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We decide on the designs in our range each season based on current worldwide trends and traditionally popular styles, then we add our own unique take on each and we meet and communicate directly to our team, through discussion, sketches and photographic inspiration the products we want to create.

Who manages the business? 

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Having spent over 20 years in some of the UK’s toughest boardrooms, Kirk decided to channel his energy into creating beautifully hand-crafted products, whilst supporting rural craftspeople in India.

So, when he met his Indian business partner Sam who has 15 years experience in design and production of hand-crafted leather items, together they created Gurutaa Leathers.

Now, Gurutaa supports more than a dozen families in India, paying a fair price for production and donating a percentage of our profits each year to village based charities.

Where can you view our products?

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We have a shop in West London, 163 Askew Road, Hammersmith, and shops across India, in Pushkar, Kerala, Hampi and Dharamshala. We also visit craft markets across the UK and of course you can purchase much of our range here online from this website as well as Facebook within just a few clicks.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please do contact us and we will be happy to custom make a product to your specifications.