What is the best leather bag for a university student?


Thinking about the criteria for a bag for university reminded me of previous bags I’ve bought that haven’t lasted the distance. Cheap bags just didn’t have the strength or quality to carry any weight without the straps breaking or coming away at the seams.

So when designing our bags, I knew that they had to be strong and sturdy enough to hold a variety of books and devices, but also look great with a timeless style.

  1. Classic leather satchel

    Classic two pocket satchel

    The canvas-lined classic leather satchel has numerous pockets and compartments to hold, not just a laptop or tablet, but all the essential accessories for working and studying too. This classic style is a winner for both men and women.

  2. Laptop bag


    A variety of bag styles come in two sizes to suit laptops, tablets or notebooks. Each bag is handmade in goat leather and lined with canvas for extra strength. Internal pockets and a shoulder strap make this durable and functional fashion accessory .

  3. Messenger bag


    A more compact bag is great for someone on the move, carrying books, notebooks and smaller devices with style. Still with enough pockets and compartments to store the essentials.

  4. Tote bags

    Various tote bags

    Our large open tote bag is perfect for carrying textbooks and studying equipment, giving easy access throughout the day. These come in a choice of seven colours, one for each outfit?

  5. Backpack

    Need more space for a sports kit or overalls? Our range of backpacks are perfect for carrying more for studies, and perfect for travelling and holidaying in the height of fashion.

With each and every bag also comes a story of which to be proud, that they have been lovingly handmade at home by a local family in rural Rajasthan, without the use of chemicals or synthetic dyes. All staff are paid a fair wage and a percentage of profits are fed back in to the community.

Choose quality and style for your next work bag, with an ethical and handcrafted purchase for life.

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  1. I bought laptop bag from you in Olney last May. We chatted a little about leather as my brother-in-law who is Indian imports leather good to Canada. I love your bag. I would love to buy another couple: the classic leather satchel and the laptop bag. But I live in Canada. Would it be feasible to ship them here? I have a friend visiting England in a week or so and maybe you could ship to an address where he will be. I shall be in the UK three times next year but I would like them before then. Also what would the cost be before shipping? And how shall pay for them?

    1. Hi, great, so glad you love the bag! We can definitely get more bags to you. If your friend is visiting England that is probably easiest way. We are at a number of markets in the South East in the run up to Christmas if they happen to be near one of those, he can drop by. Or else we can post it free of charge to the UK. We now do some different styles of satchel and two sizes of laptop bag. It is probably easiest if you phone Kirk on +44 (0)7879 844633 or email him at kirk@gurutaaleathers.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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